Letting Go What is Not Serving You: Setting Intent #2

Another post in the Setting Intent series that I am following with Chopra’s show, 30 Days of Intent. The exercise today is to think of what you want to let go. Let go what no longer serves you and holds you back in life. Let go of what holds you back from your fullest potential and where you want to be.


Call it. Say it. And get rid of it. In the video, they let go of insecurity and ego. 

I decided to let go of the hurtful past, the memories that make me have prejudice towards people and certain situations.  I let go of my past, so that I have complete freedom and may continue living fully in the present moment, so that I perceive every person, every encounter, every obstacle and every situation with a fresh perspective, a new set of eyes.   What will you let go?

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