Going Home

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. It’s because I am going through a transition and feel like I need to be with myself more. Be inwards.  I have been mentally preparing myself for the transition. I’m moving back to Thailand in a few weeks. It has been a long time coming, but I was also in denial about it. I didn’t start telling people that I am moving back until a few weeks ago. It’s coming close and It’s happening. The United States has been home for me for the past 9 years. The second home was in St. Louis, where I spent 4 years there, and Phoenix/Tempe has slowly become the second home in the past 4 years.

I am both anxious and excited at the same time. I am apprehensive about going back since I have assimilated so well here. But at the same time, I am also excited to go back to my root, to where I came from and reconnect with my beginning.  Even though my identity has been shaped by my experience here, I deep down believe that being back home would bring out my true self, would bring the best in me out again.

I’m ready for this transition and another wave of transformation yet to come.


Love and light,


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2 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. No way! Well good luck, I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand. It will feel good to be home . I wish you the best and I hope you keep posting!

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